Make A Production Out of It: Video Content for Instruction and Outreach

Creating video content in support of instruction and outreach has moved from novelty to necessity. Whether you manage a website or social media presence, create content for an on-demand CLE program, or use video as a component of distance learning, the ability to generate quality footage and edit content into a polished final product can make or break the endeavor. This program will address the basics of creating raw content (video recording, screen captures, etc) and include an extremely brief overview of video tools for any budget. Video content will be placed into an instructional context and the importance of accessibility will be emphasized. A live demonstration of basic video-editing techniques for the beginner can be included if a live session is desired.

Those who would benefit most from the presentation: information professionals involved in teaching, training, marketing, and/or outreach; administrators who want to implement video content creation, but need a better understanding of the meachanics for project management purpose; individuals looking for free and low-cost tech tools to increase access to instruction, expand outreach, and enhance content delivery to students and other stakeholders. A familiarity with video and other digital and online learning objects would be helpful to have before "walking" into the session, but it not required.

Attendees will leave the session able to identify uses of video content in library and law school instruction and outreach efforts and will be able to apply a basic understanding of video project design, technologies, and techniques used at every stage of the video production process.

We have heard that the program submission deadline may have been extended. Due to the various stresses of professional and family life during the current pandemic, we will not have our video submission ready for May 15. We will submit it the week of May 18.

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Senior Lecturer, E-Resources and Scholarly Communication Librarian
University of New Mexico School of Law
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Deputy Director
Harris County Law Library
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Research and Instructional Services Librarian
IU McKinney School of Law

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06/03/2020 - 15:00 to 06/03/2020 - 16:00