Encouraging Student Agency through Polytechnic Legal Education

Ever increasingly, law students need to bring to bear skills beyond substantive legal knowledge for both professional development and success in the legal job market. This principle drives the work of The Law Lab at Chicago-Kent College of Law, which is focused on providing students with a polytechnic legal education that gives them agency to explore educational pathways and careers in law previously unimagined.

This session provides an overview of some of the ways in which we’re encouraging students to be agents of innovation through our legal tech coursework and participation in Law Lab programs. We will highlight some of the courses we teach, including a brand new course for the Spring 2020 semester, Introduction to Legal Innovation + Technology, a class we intend to be a starting point for students who are unfamiliar with how technology is leveraged in various legal markets. Students can then explore other courses in our program to further their polytechnic education. 

We will also discuss how we supplement our curriculum with student advising, conference programming, and portfolio building for our students.

Attendees will leave the session with insights on how to introduce students to legal innovation and technology through coursework and programming. Attendees will also see what topics would be helpful to cover in a legal innovation and technology law school program generally. 



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