This Lesson Would be Perfect if it was Blue

This is a hands-on session. You will learn how to modify a CALI lesson to match your law school's needs. 

How often have you searched for the right CALI lesson for your course only to find one close to your teaching goals but not perfect? How often have you wished that a lesson included another hypothetical or a different hypo? 

In CALI's most recent Law School Success Fellowship, Allie Robbins authored the lesson, Law School Resources. The lesson offers practical advice to students seeking help through services offered at their law school. The lesson was written for use at "all" law schools. Yet it may only be 80% applicable to your school, because the adminstrartive departments at your law school are arranged or named differently than in the lesson.

Using Allie's lesson as a model, this hands-on session will walk you through the process of editing a lesson and posting it to CALI's website specifically for use by your students. 

You will leave the session:

1. Familiar with CALI's new web-based authoring tool.

2. Able to modify a lesson and post it to the website.




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Director of Curriculum Development & Associate Counsel
CALI - The Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction
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Professor of Law Emerita
University of Miami School of Law

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