No Coding? No Problem! Application Development with Microsoft PowerApps

Libraries are no stranger to data collection. We track desk transactions, shelf-reading projects, loose leaf filing, and patron counts, to name a few. Historically, we kept records of these discrete tasks in the form of paper logs and Access databases. Enter Microsoft PowerApps, a platform that enables the creation of mobile-friendly custom applications. With a drag and drop style GUI and logic familiar to Excel users, little to no coding experience is required. Built-in connections to an array of data sources and the ability to build custom connections allowed us to tear up every paper log and consolidate statistic-collecting processes into one data capturing application.

In this session we will explore:

  • How our working beta was built.
  • Some of the design and logistical obstacles encountered, as well as their solutions.
  • Ways in which the data is being used to better tell our library’s story.
  • Hopes that we have for expanding PowerApps’ capabilities in collaboration with Law Information Technology Services.


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Library Assistant
UConn School of Law