Presenting THE VIRTUAL JUSTICE PROJECT: An Innovation in Clinical Legal Education and Technology

NCCU School of Law pioneered The Virtual Justice Project to address the lack of access to justice for low income and marginalized communities; and, strengthen the students academically for the study of law. This is accomplished with the “Know Your Rights” Series and the Virtual Pre-Law Courses. The Know Your Rights series provides legal informational seminars on topics aimed to empower participants to navigate the legal nuances of everyday life and the justice system. The Virtual Pre-Law courses prepare students for the rigor of law school via an unparalleled classroom experience. The pre-law courses and the Know Your Rights Series are made possible through telepresence and high definition videoconferencing. We have placed video conferencing equipment in several Churches, Public Libraries, Legal Aide and Legal Services Offices and by the end of 2022 we will have a presence in all 100 counties in North Carolina and an Immersive Studio at Southern University Law Center.  In this session the panel will discuss the technology and programs that make this project successful.





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Co Founder Virtual Justice Project, Director Information Technology
NCCU School of Law

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