You've Built It. But Will They Come?

Teaching law students to code is sweeping the nation.  It's great! There's a lot to be gained by just the process of learing to "think like a coder" in addition to "thinking like a lawyer." 

But what happens after a law student builds a tool?  Who's going to use it?  Who's going to maintain it?  Are we just creating a host of Zombie Projects - "Night of the Living Law Student Code Projects"?

This session will cover the tech project adoption process and common pitfalls that happen when introducing technology to its users, from project start to delivery.  Trust us, there's lots of mistakes and we've made them.   This is information that we believe would be good additions to "law students coding" classes.

NOTE:  Chase Hertel is planned as a co-presenter but I have to get him to sign up for website.



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