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5 Small Ways Students Stayed Engaged in Online Learning Melissa Kidder

This audio podcast and video presentation is a quick reflection between a professor and a graduating 3L student on 5 small ways students stayed engaged when law schools switched to online learning...

Colorado Law's Virtual Zoom Rooms Jonathan Sibray, Teresa Coberly Colorado Law's zoom Rooms
Easy Ways to Improve Your Class Videos Angela Upchurch

Do you plan to post videos for your students to watch on their own?  This session covers easy ways to integrate dynamic things, like quizzes, reflection questions and notes (with links to sources...

Engaging clients, the Courts, and the Community: Clinical Education During Covid-19 Jenny Wondracek, Angela Downes, Gabriela Sotelo

Please note, Jenny Wondracek is not a speaker on this session. I am submitting this on behalf of our clinic.

Speaker: Angela Downes, Assistant Director of Experiential Education and...

Everything Important About Zoom Teaching, I Learned From My Cat Ann Nowak

This is the first known academic presentation given by a cat. Many of us have pets who have watched us teach on Zoom for at least two months during the pandemic and who would be happy to offer...

Instruction and Collaboration During COVID-19: Creating an Inclusive Environment Tina Ching, Zanada Joyner, Kelly Leong, George Taoultsides, Mike Martinez, Dennis Prieto

Our session is a candid discussion of three issues we have encountered in serving our communities during COVID-19: interacting with students, facing disparate technology issues, and building...

Intersections Between Deliberate Online Pedagogy and Emergency Remote Learning Susan Landrum, Allie Robbins, Melissa Hale, Natalie Rodriguez

This session is a panel discussion by professors who utilized technology for synchronous and asynchronous law school learning prior to the pandemic. The discussion involves three central questions...

Is this thing still on? Elmer Masters

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Looking Back on Spring 2020 ... and Moving Forward Kim Edwards, Mason Ramsey, Carl Hamm, Paul Birch

After an abrupt exit from campus, the University of Richmond School of Law tech team quickly put tools in place for faculty and students to finish the Spring semester remotely.  Among other...

Make A Production Out of It: Video Content for Instruction and Outreach Jennifer Laws, Joseph Lawson, Rena Seidler

Creating video content in support of instruction and outreach has moved from novelty to necessity.

Moot Court + Pandemic = New Future? Tessa Dysart

Teaching a lecture-based class via Zoom seems easy.  You just talk into the camera and the students, hopefully, listen. But what about moot court?

Neuroscience and Online Learning steve friedland

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Online conversation spaces: encouraging meaningful dialogue on chat boards Jill Smith, Will Monroe

Two of the fallacies of online learning are: a.) it's less work than in-person learning and b.) it's easily scalable.

Pestilence, Fire, and Floods: Kent during COVID Deborah Ginsberg

In this session, we'll talk about how CK prepared for COVID, what we were able to launch, what worked, and what we learned.  Debbie describes the process CK went through, the timeline of events,...

Reflections on Distance Learning Dmitriy Ostrovskiy

Zachery Taylor and I have recorded a brief video (attached) with our reflections on (nearly) a semester of distance learning, with a focus on what we feel worked, what did not, and what...

Student Perspectives: Legal Education in a Pandemic Jessica Frank

Hear from a panel of law students from law schools across the country on their experiences with emergency e-learning and the transition from in person legal education to a completely online...

Surviving COVID with the Breakfast Club: Task Management & Communication Tools for Multi-Generational Telework Rachel Evans, Carol Watson, Geraldine Kalim, Wendy Moore

As librarians around the world scrambled earlier this year to set up physical spaces to work from home, at UGA Law Library we were fortunate to have a few apps already in place.

Synchronous or Asynchronous? Lessons Learned From Teaching During Covid Jennifer Martin

This session discusses use of synchronous and asynchronous teaching techniques, including planning for faculty teaching online courses.

Tales From the Epicenter: Remote Evening Academic Support In The Time of COVID, NYC Laura Mott, Asima Chaudhary

This presentation details the trials and tribulations of providing Evening Academic Support in a New York City law school where we went remote within one week. This presentation requires no level...

Teaching Practical Skills & Clinical Education during a Pandemic Dionne Gonder-Stanley, Dorothy Hairston Mitchell


The Beforetimes v The Afterplague: Mad Max Beyond Zoomadrome (sax solos highly encouraged) Miguel Bordo, Deb Kinney, Jeff Chilcott

Journey with Duke Law's Media Services group as we discuss The Beforetimes versus The Afterplague.

We describe our transition to online in a week's time and tackle questions about what do...

The Clock is Ticking: Moving from In Person to Virtual Reference In a Hurry Kathleen Darvil, Sue Silverman

The Challenge: You have one week to move from in person to virtual reference. You can't leave anyone or anything behind.